In the beginning... alone

Horsehockey V - Episode 166

"Loneliness can't be all bad," Scott told himself for the millionth time.* In the past months he had developed a habit of lecturing himself out loud. "I'm just new to it. I bet this would be fun if I'd been an only child."

He began to pace again, still feeling lonely. He didn't understand the comfortable teal sofas lining this room, or the boxed food in the corner, or the strangely inaccessible spiral staircase plunging through the ceiling and floor. He'd wondered a couple of thousand times what he was doing here -- but who was counting?

*- Actually it was only the 978,694th time, but he wasn't keeping a close count.

Scott sighed, shook his head, and Scott sighed, shook his head, and

  1. looked up the staircase, trying to guess how he'd arrived here.
  2. looked down the staircase, pondering how to get out.
  3. remembered everything. I mean everything. Addventure, HH 1-5, everything. "Noooooo!" he exclaimed. "Not Nexus Prime again. Dammit..."

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Lord Reaibn Daenorth (credit to Addventure Game 3 and Prisoner)

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