Up The Staircase

Horsehockey V - Episode 167

While Scott was vaguely remembering a teleportation spell, a net enveloped him. It was made of soft material, with padded weights. Scott was swiftly dragged upwards, but in comfort.
He still screamed like a malfunctioning lawn mower and mildly peed himself.
Who was kidnapping Scott?

  1. The Justice League.
  2. The Avengers.
  3. Sara.
  4. Furry Josh.
  5. Four Time Lords we never met before.
  6. Monkeys.
  7. Rumble Graves, a trauma surgeon and karate expert.
  8. An overly concerned PTA group.
  9. A bunch of strangers with differing motives.
  10. Scott woke up from a nightmare and went to the staircase. No nets.

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8/12/2019 5:46:38 PM

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