Looking down the staircase

Horsehockey V - Episode 168

Scott realized that vaulting over the handrail and heading down would get him to a good start.
And he did so, without anything getting caught on anything or the stairs collapsing or some such bullshit.
Thirty feet down the staircase became wider. It was now made of brick with a solid oak bannister. The walls were deep red and it and circled a pit two hundred feet wide.
The light came from an unsure source, as if the very air molecules were tiny lightbulbs. Comfortable on the eyes but weird as hell.
Scott went downwards. On the other side of the 'gap' was...

  1. a door, nearly invisible.
  2. a fish platter and fries.
  3. a loose brick.
  4. a man in a red one piece suit with a red hood.
  5. a small tunnel leading to famed Batman writer Tom King. Scott thinks he is a real king.
  6. some sort of contraption, hooked to the bannister, promising to get Scott down faster.
  7. the correct spelling of bannister.

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6/8/2019 9:24:06 PM

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