Mr. Woman

Horsehockey V - Episode 951

Since nothing is going to happen here, let's move on to the next room.

It is a similar setup as the one we just left, but the room is still in frequent use. It has a cold, sterile feel, and dozens of posters and other documents featuring the Russian language are posted on the walls. However, it is still brightly lit, and is mostly clean. Another enormous vault door is off to the side.

There is also a picture, curiously, of Brad Fitzpatrick.

Welcome to the LiveJournal headquarters, folks!

  1. Let's take a tour!
  2. Find somebody new to, befriend.
  3. The vault opens slowly to reveal...
  4. The vault fails to open, because the contents inside are "friends only". Chances are, the archives probably aren't even worth reading.
  5. The vault comes open, and we discover that it connects only to the Addventure Game 4 vault in the previous room.
  6. This thread has reached a dead end.

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Ben McClellan

6/28/2019 12:44:10 AM

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Horsehockey V Home

Horsehockey V Home

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