Horsehockey V - Episode 415

Nothing continues to happens. Several more months go by...

The scene is a dusty, dark room with an enormous vault door on one side of the room. It hasn't been opened in over twenty years. Around the room, there are stacks of pallets, a few abandoned ladders, more discarded paperwork on the concrete floor, and numerous other odds and ends that suggest that a long time ago, somebody had been here working on this project.

But no one has been here for years. At some point, even the foreman abandoned Game 4, and it's been sitting here derelict. Who knows who or what could be hiding behind the vault door.

What happens next?

  1. Nothing.
  2. Still nothing.
  3. Still nothing, goddamn it.
  4. Water drips from the ceiling down into a growing puddle.
  5. Suddenly, a new person enters the area from a long unlocked door.
  6. The vault door slowly opens to reveal...
  7. Yeah, this is definitely not going to happen.
  8. Wait, who changed the colors in this storyline?

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Ben McClellan

6/25/2019 2:42:14 AM

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