North into the forest

Horsehockey V - Episode 89

They come to a cement dam. It is forty feet long and two hundred feet deep. Several signs indicate that it had been constructed last year to filter highly dangerous pollutants dumped in Lake Tittipoopy in the seventies. Despite these indications, there is nobody in sight. The security booth is empty. A freshly painted door leads to the dam interior.

  1. Explore the dam.
  2. Cross the dam and keep heading north.
  3. Josh throws up over the side of the dam.
  4. Narcoleptic Mike Can is busy drinking what he claims to be filtered pollutants.
  5. Krissy tries to fist fight the security booth.
  6. Everyone runs back to the two lane highway and begins dancing on the yellow dividing line.
  7. Goats are climbing the dam. Staring at them and baaing and getting closer.
  8. Someone suggests they will pee off the side, which might be normal if it was one of the guys but it wasn't.
  9. Grand Moff's black ops squad, Vader's Sphincter, show up to destroy the dam.
  10. Sitting in the middle of the dam, wrapping clean bandages over a scraped forehead, is interdimensional gunslinger Roland.

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