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Horsehockey V - Episode 270

Roland, son of Steven, and lord of ancient lands is basically a knight of sorts..... in a world that seems to be at times the romanticized version of the American Old Wild West. Basically, a gunslinger is a knight, but take away the armor and sword and replace it with saddle wood handled revolver and blue jeans (al la cowboy motif) and you are.... kind of.... on the right track.

Roland of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King (who is reflected here) has also been reflected in other tales and other stories, the most notable one is found here in the website that has posted "Childe Roland To The Dark Tower Came" by Robert Browning :


That said, at first glance Roland appears to be cold and unfeeling, but in actuality he is far from that. He appears to be a lone knight and a grim killing machine, but he's not. He feels emotions deeper than we ever will. There is a human being underneath that uncaring, emotionless facade. The facade is armor of a sort, to help protect the man inside from a world (Mid-world) that has become harsh and unfeeling. His life has been an incredible one (that has lasted centuries longer than it should have.... all due to the distortions caused by the failing mechanisms of the Dark Tower, the linchpin of reality for all multiverses).

See, there is a bit of the romantic within Roland, as events in book and slips in the past have proven. But to be a romantic within this world is a bad thing. Being a romantic is to ask to be dashed to pieces by the winds of Ka (Fate). Being used to living in this world, Roland has learned how to cope in the best and only manner he knows how. But with the people he drew in to this world via special doors ("worlds other than this....") he found himself with people who care about him, we see this side emerging again. He can love, but again and again Roland has been taught the harsh price of this. There are those who use that love as a weapon against him and hurt him or try to stop Roland by using (or hurting....even killing) those who Roland loves. It hurts Roland to love, for to Roland it is the first step to defeat for this man. So whether through his Gunslinger training or hard lessons, he wears his armor and appears like he appears...at first.

This is a sad lesson he's learned , much to his dismay and sadness.

Now, that said, he also has a problem with "thinking around corners." Meaning that he tends to over examine things at times. Some have characterized him as being a slow thinker, but this hardly means that he's stupid.

The part that seems do the best thinking for him are his hands. Lightning reflexes makes this man a true wonder with guns. Able to do tricks only seen in Western movies, this Gunslinger is a man....you don't want to tangle with.

Finally, he seems to know (sometimes he admits he doesn't know how he knows) several things about how to counter magic and such. He'd say it's Ka whispering to him.... and it is in a sense. Not all those of the supernatural are against Roland from getting to the Dark Tower.

Aaaanyway, all of that being said, here he is on a dam in the middle of a forest clearing, sitting, wrapping clean bandages over a scraped forehead.

"Greetings," says Roland.

  1. Scott complains at the amount of exposition in this episode.
  2. One look at Roland and our intrepid group says "Nope" and continues further into the forest, away from the dam.
  3. Someone returns Roland's greeting, and asks what he is doing here.
  4. More exposition occurs.Settle in.
  5. Roland joins the group, they investigate the dam.
  6. Roland joins the group, they go back to the highway.
  7. Jasper wanders off to investigate the security booth.
  8. While the rest of the group meets Roland, Josh tries the door leading to the dam interior.

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