U.S. 2

Horsehockey V - Episode 64

They step through a tent and find themselves next to the typical two-lane highway cutting through wilderness. The area was heavily forested, except for two picnic areas on both sides of the road a mile to the east. A sign reading WEST U.S. 2 is nearby.

And of course, there's a Starbucks just down the road a bit to the west.

"Well folks, here we go again," says Josh.
"I've always wondered about the appeal of two-lane highways," ruminates Josh.
"Well, where are we gonna go now?" asks Sara.
"HEY! I didn't get to say anything cool!" complains Jasper.

  1. They walk to Starbucks.
  2. They walk east and explore the picnic areas. Jasper also locks himself in a portable toilet while there.
  3. Josh is attacked by the U.S. 2 sign.
  4. They stand where they are at and argue about which way to go.
  5. They decide to walk north...into the forest.
  6. Two men come walking down the road towards them.
  7. They head west for ten minutes and come to Valhalla's Bar and Grill.
  8. Scott performs a public service announcement on the benefits of wearing underwear.
  9. Wesley Willis apologizes to all of them for shitting his pants and being fat.
  10. They head vertically upwards into outer space.
  11. Our four protagonists are carted away by men in white coats.
  12. For no reason anyone can discern, two total strangers show up in an empty room.
  13. A basketball rolls by.
  14. Jasper, having not said anything terribly cool, goes into a deep deep depression.
  15. Ben spoils the fun by declaring that no more choices can be added to episode sixty four.

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Lord Reaibn Daenorth (credit to Ben McClellan)

6/3/2019 10:49:54 PM

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