Furry Sara Hewitt at Scott's funeral

Horsehockey V - Episode 626

Furry Sara butts in line by the simple expedient of securely stuffing Ben into that red and orange plastic bottle recycling bin that smelled vaguely like bacon. Somewhat clean Pepsi bottles rattled and rolled while he yelled to be let out. Sara talked louder about some things nobody was quite sure, mainly because she was rollicking on painkillers due to a leg infection. Suddently the nice doctors found her and led her back to the nursing home to continue her treatment.

"I enjoy ice cream!" she shouted a low-hanging cloud. "Sometimes I watch Nascar!" Sara was placed in a wheelchair even though she could walk well with an infection; one of the benefits of having half-rabbit legs that could kick through a barn-door.

  1. The funeral attendees send Scott's mom to the podium next.
  2. Ben frees himself and goes to the podium next.
  3. Someone frees Ben. It is 'Anti-Recycling Man'.
  4. The funeral goers spend the next ten minutes listening to Ben angrily shout from the bin.
  5. Lots42 gets in trouble for inserting real life nonsense into his stories.

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Lord Reaibn Daenorth (credit to Lots)

6/7/2019 2:24:28 AM

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