Recycle Ben

Horsehockey V - Episode 630

After ten minutes, the bin falls to the left. Ben rolls out and springs to his feet. "Hey!" he calls to the entire crowd. "I've been yelling for ten minutes! How come nobody let me out?"

  1. Someone had found a backup copy of Mike Cain's 'plan for world peace' notes. World peace was happening.
  2. It had been kind of amusing to listen to Ben yell.
  3. While the latch said 'Push' what was needed was 'Pull' and this had stymied the crowd.
  4. The crowd, as The Janitor from 'Dodo Bird Hunter', explains, thought this was part of a eulogy for Scott.
  5. Superglue on the chairs.

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Lord Reaibn Daenorth (credit to Lots)

6/7/2019 2:26:05 AM

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