Yo-Da-Lin in the Valley

Horsehockey V - Episode 53

"STAND-INS!" Sara and Jasper both exclaim.

As they walk out of the range of the camera, two anonymous people, one male, one female enter the scene and stand where Sara and Jasper had just stood. They are both helpfully wearing T-shirts identifying themselves as "Sara" and "Jasper", even if they look nothing like the originals ("Sara" is blonde with a slightly curvy build; "Jasper" is only 5'6", is scrawny, and out of shape).

Deviating from the original script, "Sara" lies down on the road spread eagle, and "Jasper" knees down and places her face between her legs. "I can't stand it anymore, Sara, I want to hide," he says in the most drab, monotone voice imaginable.

And then...

  1. We join the original Sara and Jasper in their trailer as they complain about having to "re-enact old bullshit episodes".
  2. The two stand-ins have very uninspired sex in the middle of the road.
  3. The fake Sara and Jasper set off on their own adventure.
  4. We've gone too far. Back to start.

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Ben McClellan

7/14/2019 10:56:40 AM

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