I walked out to the edge of the lake

Horsehockey V - Episode 5

The sun sets, creating a spectacular view from the magnificent lake upon which there is a boat. In the boat are two ordinary individuals, Richard Jones and Wallace Frances. They are fishing and discussing college sports.

Both men are retired, and fill their days with fishing, drinking beer, and relaxation. Today has been an ordinary day, much like every other day in recent memory.

It is at this point that we would do well to take a moment to appreciate normalcy. Normalcy can be boring and monotonous, but ultimately it has its good points. Neither of these two men knew that the wide variance of the Tower had re-emerged. They might have lived the rest of their lives out not knowing. They didn't, but.. they might have.

Suddenly, the waters of the lake near the boat begin to bubble. The men notice this, and Richard scratches his beard stubble. "Isn't that a thing?" he says absently, as a human figure slowly rises out of the lake. Within about 30 seconds an old, wizened man in a long robe is standing on top of the water.

"Pardon me," asks Belboz. "what reality is this?"
"Say what now?" replies Wallace. "Why aren't you wet?"
Belboz rolls his eyes. "Oh never mind. But.. i am going to need a couple of guides so..."

Belboz mutters an incantation. Wallace and Richard feel a strange floating sensation in their heads, and then stand up and step out of the boat to kneel (on the water) before Belboz. "Excellent," says Belboz with a smile. "My magic is unaffected. Well, lets go."

Belboz and his new "guides" walk across the lake, destination unknown.

  1. Backstory for Richard and Wallace
  2. Why is Belboz here?
  3. What of Richard and Wallace's wives, waiting back at their respective cabins?
  4. We stick with Belboz, Richard, and Wallace, as Belboz gathers information about where exactly he is.
  5. Just over the hill, Belboz finds US 2. "Ah," he says, "shit." he knows where he is.
  6. Lots, Ben, and Reaibn rise out of the lake.
  7. Someone else rises out of the lake
  8. Forget this, somewhere else

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