Bonner County Boners

Horsehockey V - Episode 334

Having walked across the surface of Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho, Belboz leads his two new companions Wallace and Richard over the hill and towards the highway nearby.

The necromancer looks up at a guide sign for eastbound U.S. Route 2, and he seems angered.

"That's the way out of town," Richard offers, trying to be helpful.
"Yeah, Sandpoint," Wallace concurs. "A great place to raise a family!"

Belboz turns to Wallace. "I know where I am, fool!" he snaps.

  1. From here, the wizard explains his intentions, the significance of U.S. 2, and why he's brought Richard and Wallace along.
  2. "No, you don't!" Wallace attempts to joke.
  3. Reality changes again. Belboz retires to Sandpoint and plans to start a family.
  4. Meanwhile, Velus is walking down U.S. 95 towards downtown. He is lost and hungry, and has no idea how or where he even is.

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Ben McClellan

7/18/2019 1:11:57 AM

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