Richard and Wallace

Horsehockey V - Episode 1247

Belboz explains how his two victims are very ordinary people. They run the accounting firm that manages the finances for twenty three (soon to be twenty four) different independent car dealerships in the Tampa Bay area. Sure, their wives were trained military mechanics but still. Normality.
Belboz planned to push two expendable normal people through the weirdness of the multiversal two lane highway. This will break up and plow apart much of it's magic, allowing Belboz to study it and later master it.

  1. The magic hits Belboz's crew soon.
  2. Belboz doesn't understand the United States military knows about the Tower and the Highway and the Infinite Costco.
  3. Josh Burbank and Scott Chen are seen, giving each other a romantic hug. Wait, how are hugs romantic?
  4. Excludie shows up with a crossbow and hits Belboz in the spleen. A wizard's secret weakness!
  5. Actually, this wasn't Belboz's plan at all. He just fed them some bullshit to quiet them down for now.

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8/5/2019 8:21:54 PM

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