The Dalton

Horsehockey V - Episode 47

Upset with the turn of events in his life, Josh Burbank lies back down by the side of the quiet two-lane highway and goes back to sleep. He has some very vivid dreams of causing havoc on a galactic scale while being manipulated by outside forces he can't even begin to understand.

Josh is dreaming about slogging through a frozen wasteland somewhere in the world when he awakens in a new place. It is bitterly cold, and the noise of long haul truckers speeding by on a stretch of unpaved road. As Josh sits up, he sees a seemingly endless pipeline a distance away from the opposite side of the dirt road.

Oh god, not again, he thinks. I'm not prepared for this at all.

Having established that he is somewhere along the Dalton Highway in Alaska, Josh desperately needs to pinpoint exactly where he is, and how far away from civilization he is now. There are only two or three places of any kind of size on this industrial roadway with any sort of services, and the closer Josh is to one of them, the better.

Now, is Josh going to foolishly walk to the nearest settlement, or is he going to attempt to thumb a ride?

  1. Josh walks.
  2. Josh attempts to hitch a ride.
  3. Josh decides to lie back down and sleep, hoping to wake up somewhere different, like Florida, Argentina, or somewhere in Australia.

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Ben McClellan

6/5/2019 4:05:21 AM

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