Horsehockey V - Episode 347

Josh manages to survive until he hits the small community of Deadhorse. Fortunately it's a busy day for this isolated community, so Josh is swiftly found and treated for mild frostbite.
Josh is resting comfortably due to painkillers when he hears something strange.

  1. Screaming and lots of it.
  2. The Russians are trying to purchase Deadhorse.
  3. According to a passing nurse the entire town has been taken into space on a giant ship.
  4. The citizens are in a literal uproar because the lower 48 states have reversed in time 100 years.
  5. An entire American professional football team has just appeared on one of the main roads. Out of thin air.
  6. Ten TARDISes have shown up in the middle of town. Two have spewed out dangerous entities.
  7. A really large monkey is endangering other patients, not Josh.
  8. Someone has stolen the signs off the General Store.

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6/23/2019 5:39:24 AM

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