Horsehockey V - Episode 2

Our heroes realize that if they're going to stay at this Starbucks indefinitely, they really can't sit around just looking at one another while the two baristas pretend to work behind the counter. So, everyone begins telling stories about their lives.

Josh starts out by talking about the time after he graduated from Northwestern with a degree in law about how Scott's parents, Alan and Hope Childers, personally contacted him to help them find out where Scott had gone off to. Scott had abruptly moved out of the family home and into the staircase room a few years earlier, and had rarely returned home since then.

Beth talks mainly about her relationship with Josh, about how they were high school sweethearts who finally hooked up during senior year, but then had separated just a few weeks into their first few weeks into the fall semester at two large Midwestern universities, only to randomly reconnect at a bar in Boston five years later, and how they've been together ever since. Beth and Josh both confess that they entered an "open" relationship years ago, since both of them are still prone to meeting and seducing new people of both sexes.

Scott tells everyone about how grateful he is to have met Krissy, since she "saved his life" years ago after he embarked on a long streak of promiscuous sex and reckless behavior, often with Josh Burbank in tow. He also jokes about how often he is still mistaken for their mutual friend Scott Chen, who Mr. Childers had gone to high school with before the Chens departed for California.

Krissy talks about how she still encounters racism from strangers who don't like it that a Mexican woman is in a committed relationship with a white man, but that she doesn't let it bother her. She also confesses that she is still having problems with her last boyfriend, Roger, who she left for Scott years ago, and how he will still frequently text or contact her through social media to either criticize her, dismiss Scott as a "fag", or beg her to please come back to him so he can, in Krissy's words, "continue to emotionally abuse her".

Jasper talks about his new relationship with Anne, how they met randomly at a Chapters bookstore during a random adventure in Canada, and how he named his beloved tabby after his cousin Sara. He also goes on a long winded explanation that if he were to die and be resurrected as something, he would want to come back as a beagle puppy.

Anne, being one of the two newcomers, is a little reluctant to vent her spleen in front of six other people who she really doesn't know all that well, but she still tells everyone that she feels comfortable enough around them that she only recently thought herself as "one of the gang". She also was amazed at how quickly she and Jasper hit it off, and she confessed at how quickly she ended up going to bed with him, breaking one of her personal rules.

Sara talks about how close she and her cousin Jasper are, and how they've occasionally been accused of being in an incestuous relationship with each other. She also hints about they "might" have drunkenly fooled around one New Year's Eve, but won't elaborate further. Sara, who had long been the only person in the group not to have a significant other, admits she hadn't been open to dating after her last boyfriend left her for her younger brother Donnie a long time ago, up until she randomly ran into Kim at a party one night.

Kim expresses how much he loves Sara, and talks about the racism he's experienced as a black man whose dating preferences are white women. He simply sees it as two soulmates coming together, and how the color of their skin shouldn't be an issue. He also admits to enjoying hanging around Scott and Josh, since he has rarely met anyone who exhibit the amount of personal freedom like they do.

  1. More random conversation.
  2. Just then, more patrons begin walking into the Starbucks.
  3. The baristas order everyone to leave.

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