Horsehockey V - Episode 141

Scott finds eight bins of Garfield books for fifty cents each. Lots of stuff he doesn't own! Scott gets to picking when he realizes something.

  1. He has no money on him.
  2. He has to fart.
  3. He needs to visit the little people's room (Sam's Club is gender neutral that way).
  4. He had left his Nintendo 64 on for ten years straight.
  5. Jasper is kind of sexy.
  6. Josh has punched out Captain Tightpants.
  7. Garfield has manifested in the real world and is currently devouring a nearby display of air conditioning units.
  8. Scott cannot see the exit, though it used to be easily viewed from the Garfield books.

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6/4/2019 6:19:33 PM

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