Eastward Ho

Horsehockey V - Episode 1191

Josh finds two large orange trucks by the side of the highway. After closer observation and three silent farts, Josh concluded that one orange truck needs a jump and the other orange truck is providing it.

  1. Josh asks if there's any way he can assist.
  2. Josh stows away in the working orange truck.
  3. Josh grabs the jumper cables, clamps them on his nipples and fires up the juice.
  4. Josh can't deal with the fact two large trucks -can- be orange and he has a nervous fit.
  5. Josh devours a spare tire.
  6. The passenger in the disabled truck is Excludie.
  7. Both trucks are carrying an astonishing amount of giraffe tranquilizers.
  8. Josh fondly remembers the one time a cop came to his high school and told amusing, nice stories of his cop work.
  9. Josh once got lost on a middle school field trip and ended up backstage at Sesame Street. He was not found for three hours.
  10. Josh continues east.
  11. Josh goes west.

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7/15/2019 12:41:43 PM

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