Josh continues East

Horsehockey V - Episode 1204

Josh has left the two orange trucks well behind. It is cloud with the occasional rain drop. The only light comes from a seemingly random lamppost overlooking the highway.
Josh is under one light circle when he sees, far ahead under another light, his old friend Jasper!
Josh rushes ahead, through the intervening darkness.

  1. Jasper is selling ice cream to leprechauns.
  2. Jasper is dazed and confused.
  3. Josh changes his mind, rushes back to the working lamppost and sabotages it by yanking electrical wires. BZZT! GAH!
  4. Josh gives Jasper a big bear hug.
  5. Josh and Jasper to a big musical number.
  6. Jasper was just a holographic projection. Josh pees on the projector.
  7. Several hot pink sports cars rush by, almost killing them both.
  8. While Josh was in the pool of darkness Jasper is mildly bruised by two hundred boxes of piping hot Popeyes chicken.

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