Flat as a Pancake

Horsehockey V - Episode 45

Josh Burbank decides to head east.

...because there's never been any reason.

Well, he did have a ticket back to Georgia to visit his brother Jacob, while finding himself tempted by a fly by night lady.

Take two:

Having gotten all of the references to the east central Illinois '70s rock group Head East's debut album Flat as a Pancake out of his system, Josh Burbank sets on a course due east on the two lane highway that he had just woken up next to.

Besides, wasn't he just in a Starbucks with his girlfriend Beth and six of his best friends forever just a few minutes ago?

  1. Josh continues east.
  2. Josh ponders just how far away he is from his friends now.
  3. Josh notices a Petra CD by the side of the highway.

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Ben McClellan

7/15/2019 2:26:47 AM

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