Pilgrim's Progress

Horsehockey V - Episode 784

Scott's progress had been reversed by a petulant lord of evil.
Scott ponders the staircase room some more and discovers a small hallway leading off to three bedrooms. According to a sign.
After punching the sign into oblivion, Scott opens one of the three doors.

  1. It is a bedroom!
  2. It's cowboy convention! Surprisingly crowded.
  3. It's another staircase room.
  4. The tenth Doctor's TARDIS. A man in a blue greatcoat is aiming a sonic screwdriver at him. "Well, hello!" he smiles. "Someone's bringing sexy back."
  5. Scott is in his old childhood bedroom, just days after the Hoarder's TV show had cleaned it up. Scott had been obsessed with Charmander toys. And heroin.
  6. Scott is now in Josh Burbank's bedroom. He is smoking a blunt the size of his head.

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6/18/2019 5:51:16 PM

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