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Horsehockey V - Episode 549

Skip Hitler is next to give his eulogy to Scott. However, he picks the wrong time to start complaining about his personal problems and lack of starring roles.

"Why am I even here? Someone once told me I was basically a one-joke kind of character, and whoever thought me up ripped my name off from somebody else? My god, I have just as much potential as the dead guy, whatever his name was, Josh Hewitt, Jasper Burbank, or Sara Arthur Parking Brake, but does anyone see it? No! I'm the only one who understands what being Skip Hitler is! I mean, I think I'm interesting! I know that I could be the greatest character in Sir Horseventure history, but does anyone else think of me more than some tasteless joke? COME ON, PEOPLE!!"

At this point, Mike Godwin personally removes Skip from the podium.

  1. So, who's next to eulogize Scott?
  2. Scott rises from the dead to deliver his own eulogy.
  3. Mike Godwin returns to tell everyone that he has personally executed Skip for too many violations of a certain internet law.

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Lord Reaibn Daenorth (credit to Ben McClellan)

6/7/2019 1:31:31 AM

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