An Adult Situation

Horsehockey V - Episode 54

Fortunately this crew (The Shrunken Fun Company) is a clean, decent, upstanding crew, all about consent. That alone makes them a hefty profit. Their above-board, clean, consensus policies have made them a legend in adult film circles. They've darn near doubled their profit renting out their expertise to other, struggling pornography firms. A few of the veterans are talking about going in the consultation business all together and forgoing getting nakey for the cameras.
But anyway, they pick up two lost and confused hitchhikers.

  1. Jasper drinks Gatorade and goes to sleep by the window.
  2. Sara recognizes one of the stars as a former gym school teacher.
  3. Jasper can't resist and asks about Tyrion from Game of Thrones.
  4. Actually there is an evil force hidden deep inside this otherwise trustworthy crew. Bill Cosby has sent a tranquilizer gas through the bus.
  5. Jasper fully agrees with the concept of consent, he just thinks the word 'consent' means 'bacon, lettuce and pickle hamburgers'.
  6. OJ Simpson can be seen pacing the bus, even though it is going forty two miles per hour.

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6/8/2019 10:03:40 PM

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