Horsehockey V - Episode 52

West finds them an abandoned drive in movie theatre. One enormous screen, a two level brick projection/snack/management building and an oddly large amount of portable toilets. All the doors are missing and nature has reclaimed each one.
No cars.

  1. Hunker down for the night in the building.
  2. One of the vending machines has decades old soda in it. Sara drinks a vile can of expired Mountain Dew.
  3. A movie begins. It's seemingly a Disney one, but nothing Sara recognizes. And she's pirated all the big Disney movies.
  4. Actually the building had blocked view of three cars. Scott is sleeping in a high quality pure white '64 Ford Falcon.
  5. Josh and Scott are on the roof.
  6. Josh and Scott are on the top of the screen's building. They've made quite a nest up there.

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6/4/2019 8:21:54 AM

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