Good ole US 2

Horsehockey V - Episode 306

"Let's just move on," Sara says. And they start walking down the nearby highway. No one except for Anne and Kim are surprised by the "U.S. 2" sign by the two lane highway.

"US 2 doesn't run through Nebraska," says Kim, prompting a chortle from Josh.
"There are some things that... we might not have went over yet," says Sara, with a forced smile.
"What does that mean?"
"Just.. it's hard to explain. um..."

"You know all those crazy stories you and Anne are always laughing at?" interjects Scott. At Kim's nod, he continues "that's Horsehockey. It's kinda complicated because what it really represents is the wide variance of the Tower, which is basically the expressed Multiverse.. but that is an oversimplified explanation."

"Stop fucking with me," replies Kim, shaking his head. "That just sounds stupid."
"Well....," mutters Sara, "he's actually right. But we can go into all that later. It's a bit much. The sun is setting, let's find shelter."
"Fine, whatever, let me just check and see what is near here," says Kim, pulling out his phone.

However, he quickly discovers that there is no cell service. Spinning around, the Starbucks is no longer in sight behind them. In fact, all that surrounds them is empty highway with a forest on either side. "Uh....."

  1. Kim, overwhelmed with everything, passes out.
  2. Anne is handling all of this pretty well by pretending she is dreaming.
  3. Having gone through all of this multiple times before, everyone helps Kim and Anne come to terms with their new reality.
  4. Suddenly, a vehicle is heard in the distance, approaching their position.
  5. Kim runs screaming off the road and into the forest. The group pursues!
  6. Kim runs screaming off the road and into the forest. The group shrugs, eats chips.

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