Horsehockey V - Episode 304

Josh is throwing a pout even though the gang has found a 24-7 Bumper Cars And Steak-Fries facility.
What now?

  1. Josh learns to live in the moment.
  2. Nope. Still pouting.
  3. Jasper accidentally runs over one of the Steak Fries employees.
  4. Heck "Parking" Brake has taken over the Bumper Cars P.A. system. He had accidentally eaten Adderall so now he's worse than ever.
  5. Kenneth Skyrim, a friend who joined them after Starbucks, bumps a wall while holding a cup of piping hot steak fries. OW.
  6. Scott and Krissy discuss why the place needs a P.A. system. It's not -that- big.
  7. Everyone is having fun until Sara and Beth notice a sign near the employee only area. "Please wash hands after murdering a custome". Though the last word was misspelled, they are still worried.

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8/31/2019 8:03:53 PM

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