The Visitor

Horsehockey V - Episode 2105

Anordo was rather startled. His first thought was to wonder why the girl - whom he guessed was aged about ten - hadn't knocked. But then he realised that - with only a drape rather than a door - that would have been rather difficult. He really would have to get a new door fitted before winter arrived, or the shack would get terribly cold.

"Mr. Wilpace!" the girl said again, more impatiently this time. "Aren't you coming?"

He sighed and, taking the path of least resistance, followed her outside onto the dirt road that passed through the hamlet of a dozen or so huts and an inn. He would have liked to ask her name, but they clearly knew each other quite well and she would think it strange. Instead he said: "Where are we going?"

She turned round to look at him, surprise on her face.

"Haven't you heard about the visitor staying at the inn?

  1. "He's a knight!"
  2. "He's a wizard!"
  3. "She says that she's a princess, but a usurper has taken over her country's throne and now she's a fugitive. Isn't that exciting?!"
  4. "He says he can make us all rich!"
  5. "She says that she wants to talk to you."

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4/18/2021 5:40:28 AM

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