Jasper and Sara flee for their reality

Horsehockey V - Episode 157

Reality has settled down into that Jasper and Sara are cousins. They decide to wildly run in the same direction before something horrible happens.

  1. East they meet some friendly, well meaning housewives. As a fun hobby they have taken up martial arts and are pretty good at it.
  2. West. A charity facility is trying to get food from a broken truck across fifty yards of open air before an oncoming storm ruins it.
  3. North finds our duo now a trio as Esmeralda Roanoke, 2019's only good witch, is struggling with bills.
  4. South is of course, the thirteenth doctor. She had taken the TARDIS out for a test spin without her new crew and is now in deep trouble due to evil realtors.

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6/8/2019 10:34:54 PM

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