Fate's Lament (a beginning)

Horsehockey V - Episode 1398

The planet Arturus was inconsequential in the greater scheme of things. On Multiversal Standard Date (MS) 2239814.2 the planet and everything on it was obliterated by the rampaging Xor (Ex-or) war fleet. The Xor were soundly routed and defeated by someone or other, that part is not important. What is important is that the destruction of Arturus and its peaceful, agrarian culture became a rallying point for more protections for worlds unable to defend themself across the Manifold.

This movement led to the Protection of Manifold Act of 2245911, which gave the Temporal Security Agency (TSA) it's current scope of powers. It also led to a massive change in how Floors, Powers, Agents, Guardians, Corrupters, and everything else related to the Manifold and the Tower itself were organized and governed. In a tall room of the Tower, there was an agreement. A decision was made, and these changes were made retroactive across the Manifold back to the founding of the Tower.

But, you say, those things have always been in effect. Truly, yes they have. Now. But before they were always in effect, they had not yet been put in place. And all of this because the good people of Arturus was destroyed. It would not be a stretch to say that their sacrifice has benefited all people of the Multiverse. Their deaths were not in vain.

At some point, a Tower Historian whose name is irrelevant decided that the life and history of these 'noble people' of Arturus must be documented. He used a Viewing Room to look back at the life and times of the people of that planet, and wrote 'The Annals of Enos', which chronicled the life of a man called 'Enos-upon-the-hill', a sheep herder, and his village.

Released to critical acclaim, this book joined countless others in the Manifold Archives (the Tower library). This might have been the end of the story.

Regor Fait read this book. He read it once, and then he read it again. He became obsessed with Enos-upon-the-hill, his aunt Maggie-with-no-children, and his son Odon-the-silent. He wondered what truly happened to Sharee-who-vanished and if Enos would ever find love again.

Eventually the book was not enough, and Regor Fait sought entrance to a Viewing Room. He wanted to see more. These simple people with their simple lives seemed to live and love so vibrantly, and Regor became obsessed.

Obtaining access to a Viewing Room is not easy. If you are a Historian, you can come and go as you please. If you are TSA you can come and go as you please. There are several dozen Tower designations that can come and go as they please. Regor Fait, however, was a DoD (disciple of darkness), an acolyte of the LoD (Lords of Darkness), and they were most certainly not allowed the use of Viewing Rooms.

Regor filled out a mountain of paperwork, along with several 'Voluntary Geas' forms. He was determined to get into the viewing room. You may be wondering why a DoD would be so obsessed with a dead world. Well, all I can say to that is that many who pursue the dark powers have a tragic story behind them, and Regor is no different. He felt love in his heart for the people of Arturus and he felt he needed to know the whole story. For closure.

After waiting several months and receiving not so much as a 'your paperwork is being processed', Regor Fait got frustrated and (as so often happens when a person is frustrated and obsessed) stupid. He conspired to steal a powerful magical device from the vaults of the place where he was receiving training in the ways of tapping into the dark powers (of course, not the dark powers because it's not like there is just one set, I just refer to the particular powers that the LoD and their ilk traffick in).

Regor's attempt to steal the tsaelig should not have succeeded. This is a part where we do not truly know what happened. Outside (or inside) interference is just about guaranteed, but we do not know how or when this took place. In any case, he got what he came for. They would not let him use a Viewing Room? Fine. He would go there himself.

And so Regor Fait took a temporal journey (in violation of a half dozen TSA restrictions, and pretty much guaranteeing his eviction from the DoD and incarceration for quite a long time in a TSA prison) and beheld the world of Arturus.

  1. And so he did

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