The Way I See It, Barry

Horsehockey V - Episode 818

"OH MY GOD, YOU!" Scott screams after he runs into Barry Manilow on this moon once again. Didn't he escape out of a red door to get away from this crooner?

"Come on, Scott!" Barry cries. "You have to love me! I'm still relevant! Kanye West wants to produce my next record!"

Eine gute Arschloch wäscht die andere, retorts Scott's talking sock.

"What was that?" Manilow asks. "What did he say?!"

  1. "It said 'Eine gute Arschloch wäscht die andere', you idiot!" Scott snaps.
  2. "It said that you do not write the songs!" Scott screams.
  3. "Never mind that, how are we breathing on the moon?" Scott asks.
  4. Involuntary duet time.

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Lord Reaibn Daenorth (credit to Ben McClellan)

6/16/2019 2:08:18 AM

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