Ayumi Speaks

Horsehockey V - Episode 643

The tall, willowy, elegantly beautiful Japanese woman steps up to the podium, and everyone else instantly falls silent. "We come here today to mourn the death of Scott Chen," she says. "Many of you may wonder why we would do such a thing. You think that of him only as a moron, or a freak, or a pervert, or a mass murderer. And he was. In fact, I hate him too. But we must not miss his true importance. For so many of us were created in Scott's story, and many of us who did not were created by authors who began writing for Addventure Game 3. Without him, none of us would have life. And what is more, we are all Scott. He is every person, every character, every soul in the vast web of interconnected tales that--" [cf Game 3 episode 740]

"Wait a minute," you say. "Are you saying we're all morons, freaks, perverts, and mass murderers?"

"I'm not," says the protagonist of Addventure Game 2, but everyone ignores him or her, as usual.

Ayumi is about to answer, but the Zebroid sage Chris interrupts her. "Does that mean that, now that he has died, the universe will be destroyed?"

"Oh," says Ayumi. The universe is destroyed. Luckily, it immediately pops back into existence.

  1. Everything is as it had been at the beginning--with Scott alone in the staircase room. Only now the couches are plaid.
  2. Scott is alone, but not in the staircase room. He's in an infinitely large comic store containing every comic in the entire multiverse.

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Lord Reaibn Daenorth (credit to Knight Random)

6/7/2019 2:32:11 AM

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