Fifth Shoggoth

Horsehockey V - Episode 572

The Fifth Shoggoth has returned to consume the surviving funeral goers. Will is torn to shreds. The exhibitionist Scotsman loses his soul, then his gibbly bits.
Mitchell the gay librarian hurts the Shoggoth, then is stepped upon.
Soon, the only survivors are Chewbacca, a Loki cosplayer named Jennifer Farts and Greg, the prankster Time Lord.

  1. Greg evacuates Chewbacca and Jennifer in his TARDIS, which looks like a bookmobile.
  2. Chewbacca kills the Shoggoth.
  3. The Shoggoth has been Garfield for decades.
  4. Time reverses in a blinding flash, thanks to this reality's Sorcerer Supreme, Scott Chen's adopted Jamaican father, Zip Pantaloons.
  5. Gwenpool shows up to flirt with Chewbacca.
  6. This moment in time is very fluid and half fictional. If Chewie and Jennifer Farts can beat up George Lucas, it will never happen.

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7/20/2019 10:29:22 PM

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