That Boy Could Dance

Horsehockey V - Episode 557

While the generic story cop is trying to arrest everyone at Scott's funeral, Excludie gets into the act.

For many years, no one around has ever let Excludie do anything, and she's not happy about that. Seizing an opportunity that may never come up again, Excludie begins to dance wildly, quickly shedding her clothing and working up a sweat while a medley of great dance songs plays.

  1. Excludie is arrested.
  2. Excludie finds herself fired for disobeying a specific order not to do anything.
  3. Excludie is a girl?
  4. Excludie dances so furiously that she falls into the grave.
  5. Excludie stops to cheerfully inform everyone that she was Scott's last sexual conquest before his death.

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Lord Reaibn Daenorth (credit to Ben McClellan)

6/7/2019 1:34:50 AM

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