Josh heads west

Horsehockey V - Episode 46

Josh finds a small gas station slash diner by the side of the road. There's something going on inside but Josh's eyes are drawn to the orange vehicle in the parking lot. There's a dozen vehicles but this orange one is ... important?

  1. It's a non racist version of the vehicle from the Dukes of Hazzard.
  2. It's a moving van and the back is open.
  3. It's a doughnut truck and Josh wants a doughnut.
  4. It's the lemon Josh owned in high school. Which was odd, because a UFO obliterated the thing during Josh's graduation formal ball.
  5. It was a bright orange version of the Impala from the 'Supernatural' tv show.
  6. It was the taxi and the taxi driver Josh's cheated out of a far two years ago in the town of Vermont, New York.

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11/15/2023 10:40:53 AM

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