Fortunately your Mom...

Horsehockey V - Episode 342

is not mad. You had just dropped your twenty dollars gift card you had gotten for your birthday. Your goal, to get some really cool. You go over to the for sale table.

  1. Buy some Harrison Ford action movies.
  2. There's that video game you wanted!
  3. One last stuffed Pikachu, as big as your head.
  4. The entire table, merchandise and all, collapses into the basement.
  5. Hollywood Video has just managed to get Blockbuster outlawed.
  6. You hear an odd rattle and Dave is gone. There's a shoe stuck in the ventilation grate.
  7. You pick out two movies and...get lost. You and your mom walk for an hour and cannot find the exit.

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6/7/2019 12:02:44 AM

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