Starbucked Up

Horsehockey V - Episode 303

The fistfight ends with the crew drinking dangerous amounts of caffeine. The Starbucks employees naturally call the cops. When nobody shows up after a few minutes, the employees run for it.
An hour later, Sara, hyped up and in severe need of rest, realizes she and her friends have assaulted innocent baristas and nothing has happened.
Sara feels guilty. There's even employee hair still wrapped around her fingers. Gross. Sara calls the police non emergency line and all she gets is panicked yelling.
Once Scott and Krissy stop recalling their respective traumatic proms, Sara realizes that more screaming is coming from the other end of the line. Plus the sound of shattered glass.
Sara leads her over-caffeinated crew to the police precinct a hundred yards through the woods.

  1. They easily beat up whatever it was terrorizing the precinct employees.
  2. The building had been abandoned minutes before.
  3. The building had been abandoned years before.
  4. Hyped up on unholy amounts of coffee, Sara has led her crew in a circle. They are back at the Starbucks.
  5. In the parking lot of the precinct they find the Starbucks employees. All murdered.
  6. Deep in the woods everyone but Krissy and Jasper fall into a giant hole.

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8/5/2019 8:29:44 PM

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