Grand Moff Grand Moff

Horsehockey V - Episode 30

Grand Moff Grand Moff is currently sending his ship in pursuit of a medical convoy trying to send supplies to the Rebels.
Moff is at the far end of Imperial space, near the Corporate Sector. As the Empire needs the technological help of this section, they have to play nice and not be as blood thirsty as they usually are. Bad P.R. would make the naive technological groups back off. Also ten percent of the supplies had been promised as illegal stimulant drugs to several high-ranking businessmen in said Corporate Sector.
Thus, they couldn't blow the ships out of space. These are the only reasons the convoy had made it this far.

  1. Moff hires Boba Fett to disable the convoy with no fatalities. Purely for the challenge of no killing Bob accepts.
  2. Moff blows up some nearby asteroids to create traffic problems.
  3. A communication attempt disables the convoy with porn viruses from Moff's personal computer. The entire sector learns of this and laughs at Moff.
  4. Moff hires some outside help. A scruffy spice running pilot and his Wookie partner.

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