Kenny and Joe

Horsehockey V - Episode 29

Due to the chaos overwhelming the city, Kenny and Joe's broken left arms are treated at a veterinarian complex. The two kids are dosed with powerful painkillers (SHH!) and allowed to chill with three golden retrievers. The dogs, Laverne, Shirley and Hortense, all female, had been found banged and bruised in an upside down car that still had the engine running.
Microchips showed they belonged to a family a hundred miles away. The vet had agreed to keep the dogs overnight for the family, which also worked as it couldn't hurt to keep an eye on the banged up trio of doggy sisters.
Then the city wide chaos happened.
Laverne, Shirley and Hortense swiftly recognized that Kenny and Joe were hurt much more than they were. Sloppy doggy kisses of reassurance were doled out. A huge cuddle pile happened and all five dozed, more from painkillers than anything else.

  1. Chaos entered the building. Hortense growled at a blank wall.
  2. Morning came and everything was calmer.
  3. Morning came and the humans were missing. ALL the humans. Hortense and her sisters tracked the humans to a nearby McDonalds.

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8/25/2019 11:13:14 PM

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