Sam's Club

Horsehockey V - Episode 23

Josh and Krissy get caught up in a debacle. Three ten year olds, two girls and a boy, had retreated to an area between the soda machines and the propane tanks. Krissy actually recognized the kids. Biggs (the boy), Oya and Lisa. They lived a block away from Krissy's parents and were always getting into trouble in the neighborhood.
Stolen bikes, lost dogs, angry malcontent millionaires trying to buy the local skate park. If there was trouble and or nonsense, these three were in the middle of it. In fact the trio was known, by friends and enemies, as 'The Meddlers'.
The Sam's Club was way out of their area. Plus, even though they were known for handling shit they were all ten. And the parking lot, free of supernatural bullshit was still a parking lot to a department store and thus had risks. Krissy and Josh declare they will stick around until the kids can get proper supervision.
Their other friends are of no help, as they are now on the far side of the parking lot, throwing garbage over a fence at a closed down Burger King.
Anyway...what do Krissy and Josh decide to do?

  1. Try to bring the kids over to their friends, despite the bizarre Burger King hatred.
  2. Retreat to the inside of the department store.
  3. Josh had stolen bagels from the Starbucks. He passes one to everyone and they wait where they are.
  4. Biggs' parents show up and take all three ten year olds.
  5. Mr. House, former doctor and current billionaire, shows up to scream at the kids over a lost real estate plan.
  6. The smugglers of Smugglers Cove show up to gain revenge over their foiled smuggling. Krissy punches them all out.
  7. The Hardy Boys show up to warn the Meddlers to stay out of their town of Bayport.
  8. Nancy Drew shows up. She's thirty years old and off her tits on Vicodin. She's trying to solve the mystery of why Josh smells bad.

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