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Horsehockey V - Episode 21

Scott and Jasper are in the lead of the small group trying to flee the chaos. They come to a small access road hitting the main highway. According to a fairly large green and yellow sign, quite new, the road lead to a large facility that was the headquarters for a new United Nations based disaster assistance group.
Considering their recent debacles, the group was very interested in this information. Except the last sentence of the sign read, and this is a quote dear readers, 'Not A Trap For The Unwary and Tasty'.

  1. Keep going on down the road.
  2. Go back to the devastated Starbucks.
  3. Head up to the U.N. charity building.
  4. Scott notices, in the middle of the highway, a fresh platter of fried fish and meatloaf.
  5. They meet a new friend, Janeesh, a former hippie trying to rebuild her life. As such she is unsure if current chaos is normal.
  6. The group meets super-normal versions of the Scooby Doo gang. Scooby is a normal Great Dane, he's just very well trained.
  7. Krissy tries to fist fight the sign.

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6/3/2019 10:30:51 PM

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