You Don't Take 'Em, You Leave 'Em!

Horsehockey V - Episode 1920

The unisex washroom at the now collapsed Starbucks was still functional, even if it had lost three out of its five walls.

But, before our heroes could figure out why, or more importantly how a bathroom could be designed with five walls, Josh Burbank meanders over there, drops his pants, and proceeds to drop the nastiest load imaginable.

"Come on, Josh, enough!" his girlfriend Beth yells.
"I knew you still had it in you, buddy!" Scott Childers shouts in encouragement.
"SICK!!" exclaims Krissy, who has never really seen this side of Josh before.
"Do you really have to embarrass us everywhere we go, Josh?" demands Sara.
"How long have you known this guy?" Jasper asks his cousin.
"Honey, why didn't you tell me he does things like this?!" Anne asks her boyfriend Jasper.
"Y'all motherfuckers is cray-cray sometimes!" adds Kim.

The distressed Starbucks manager is now screaming and crying even harder than before. The employees have now retreated to the far ends of the parking lot, but they don't seem to be in any real rush to escape.

  1. Our heroes take a vote. Josh is officially out of the gang.
  2. Josh yells that he's all finished, and is bombarded by rolls of toilet paper.
  3. Josh loses control, and buries himself in his own waste.
  4. Same as above, but Scott points out this is not the first time Josh has excreted all over himself.
  5. Our heroes take a vote. Josh is allowed to stay, but only by one vote.

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Ben McClellan

1/20/2021 10:29:13 PM

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