Horsehockey V - Episode 1919

Jasper whips out his latest model iPhone, which set him back well over a thousand dollars, stood in front of the collapsed Starbucks, which was manufactured out of particle board, styrofoam cooler lids and aluminum siding, then took a selfie. He paid no mind to the bemused Starbucks employees, or the unhinged manager who was screaming to the heavens about his career is "over".

Opening the app for Twitter, Jasper uploads his picture, then adds a tweet: This wasn't as much fun to wreck as it was at the Capitol building on Jan 6th. Lol!. He then posts the tweet and pockets his phone.

The manager cries even harder. Two of the Starbucks employees begin to make out with one another, either succumbing to a mutual attraction, or just because the nature of Horsehockey forced them to.

  1. Jasper goes over to catch up with his cousin and friends.
  2. Flash forward to a week later. Jasper has been arrested by the FBI, and he utterly can't figure out for the life of him why.
  3. A quick backstory of the amorous Starbucks employees.
  4. The manager is swiftly fired.

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Ben McClellan

1/20/2021 10:20:40 PM

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