The New Person

Horsehockey V - Episode 191

The new person is infamous extendable adventure star Leo Tightabs. Leo is a bit of a chaotic good asshole. There was that time two years ago when he saved that woman from knife-swinging ex by throwing the man off a building onto a passing Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon. Sure, he was a hero for saving a woman from being stabbed, but he also stopped the Thanksgiving Day Parade and made children cry.
And the next year, during Easter, he had proof that the Easter Bunny (a woman named Tabitha Long) was going to poison the treats. Treats that was to be passed out to the orphans and (why were they there) some rich kids.
Once again Leo was a hero but he had gotten into a fist fight with the Easter Bunny in front of many of the kids. And most couldn't afford therapy.
Leo was undergoing legal trouble for the Uber incident. His passenger that day had been a bank robber with a hostage. Leo drove the car into an obstacle and saved the hostage but the obstacle he drove into was the main float for the Town Pride parade. There was a lake and a brick wall and a mattress factory and a bouncy castle nearby and really, that had been a bad location for a Town Pride parade.
Anyway, Leo Tightabs is in some crappy run down room. What does Leo do now?

  1. Investigate the floor for a trapdoor.
  2. Investigate the ceiling for a retractable ladder.
  3. Go out the way he came in.
  4. Call for help on his cellphone.
  5. Clean up a little.
  6. Sit down and contemplate some other incidents in his life where he caused chaos during heroism.
  7. The Easter Bunny, the Ex-Boyfriend and the Bank Robber get together to take revenge on Leo. They have no idea where he is.
  8. Leo's one regret in life is that Doctor Who episode script he wrote for the BBC. Matt Smith spent forty minutes screaming bad poetry at frightened hippies. No fan like that one.

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6/13/2019 1:07:55 AM

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