Up the stairs

Horsehockey V - Episode 160

They can barely be described as stairs. Each step is different. Rock, wood, cement, marble, empty gap. The wall is a morass of ... something. You don't want to look at it. Even the other side, past the railing, the empty air is sometimes not empty and sometimes not air. You're not even sure why you are still alive. You keep going upwards, fighting for each moment.
Suddenly, on a stair made of cobblestone you...

  1. are overcome by ennnui.
  2. see everything go back to normal.
  3. are kidnapped by the Dark Lord Garfield. You have been Jon all this time. It is now the final confrontation.
  4. are rescued by your closest friend. In the TARDIS. River Song has 'borrowed' it again.
  5. fight back. You confront the 'wall' and punch your way through.

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6/10/2019 11:25:36 AM

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