Late Night At The Office

Horsehockey V - Episode 1186

The Janitor, Chemical Steve, finds you catatonic on the floor again.
"Couldn't face a decision, eh?"
C.S. pulls out an IHOP sugar packet. That's enough to get you going. You and C.S. decide to ...

  1. leave.
  2. fill your boss' desk drawers with weird chemical concoctions.
  3. eat all the good stuff in the employee break room fridge.
  4. go across the hall to the video game company and bribe them for cameos in their shoot them up game.
  5. run from the zombies coming in through the loading dock.
  6. call up a local radio station and ask them to play songs that don't exist.
  7. same as #6 but it works. You are frightened.
  8. 'hack' the company's Wikipedia page.

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4/2/2020 8:03:52 AM

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