Krissy in the giant store

Horsehockey V - Episode 1121

Krissy is making her way through the home improvement section.

  1. Grab a hammer just in case. You never know with this 'Horsehockey' business going on.
  2. Grab an abandoned cart, fill up on cheap supplies. Krissy lives in a crappy mobile home and it needs repairs.
  3. Sniff glue for a cheap high.
  4. Krissy gets in an argument with an older lady about the artistic merits of GIJoe comic books.
  5. Kim runs by, screaming and covered with clothespins.
  6. Krissy remembers the animated movie 'Trolls' and gets irrationally angry about a movie nobody forced her to watch.
  7. Krissy finds Jasper and Scott have somehow become stuck in a freezer display of peas and frozen rice.
  8. Krissy finds the ice cream display. Thousands of entitled teenage assholes are lining up to film themselves vandalizing the ice cream.
  9. Krissy sees a horse pulled cart load of prisoners pass by. One man has his mouth muffled. Another is asleep.

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Lots42 (the last is a Skyrim reference)

7/10/2019 5:33:55 AM

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