Breath and a Scream

Horsehockey V - Episode 1012

There is a loud ruckus from somewhere in the brand new Costco facility; loud enough that it stops nearly ever club member dead in their tracks as they wonder who is screaming that loud, and what might be causing it.

A few minutes later, several store managers and security officers are walking Josh Burbank and Kim King up the main aisle.

"Take it easy, man!" Josh shouts after one of the security guards pushes him forward.
"So, where the hell else are we supposed to have our yelling contest?!" Kim angrily demands.

  1. Amazingly enough, Josh and Kim are not ejected.
  2. Kim and Josh are forcibly thrown into the parking lot. Josh is immediately run over by a shiny new white SUV.
  3. Sara and Beth manage to catch up to the group.
  4. Elsewhere, Jasper has maxed out one of his credit cards on bulk merchandise he doesn't need. And he drives a Mini!

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Ben McClellan

7/1/2019 10:17:23 PM

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