Creating an Episode

So you've played the game for a while and understand what is going on. You've probably run into a few episodes that haven't been created yet and want to know how you can participate by creating your own episodes as additions to the story. This help file is for you.

First Steps of Creation

When you finally navigate to an episode that has not been created yet, you will be told one of two things:

  1. The episode is locked while someone else is working on it.
  2. The episode is not created, and you can create it if you wish.

If the episode is locked, that means that another player is currently creating that episode. You will need to wait for them to finish the episode before you can read it. Some players lock an episode for creating it, but then forget to finish the episode. These are considered abandoned episodes. You will be told when an episode is abandoned, and you will be allowed to unlock it so that you can create it yourself.

If you decide to create the episode, click on the link that reads Create this episode! If you don't want to create the episode, and would rather get back to reading the story, click on the link that reads Cancel.

Entering the Scenario

First you must enter a title for the episode. Then in the large text box you enter the description of what action is taking place. You may enter as much as you want, the box will scroll vertically to accomodate you. Do not try to format the text, as most spacing will be ignored. However, a subset of HTML tags can be used to format the text. The currently allowed tags are:
<P>, </P>, <BR>, <HR> <B>, </B>, <I>, </I>

Now you must enter in the options the reader will be able to take at the end of the episode. The number of options available will vary from story to story. You don't have to use all of them! Simply describe as many options as you want the reader to have and leave the rest blank. You must describe at least one option. The second column of text fields labeled Back Linked Episode is part of an advanced feature and can be ignored. There are a handful of HTML tags you can use when describing the options. The currently allowed tags are:
<B>, </B>, <I>, </I>

Now you may select a color scheme for the episode. This defaults to the scheme of the parent episode. You may pick a new one, if you feel your episode requires a different look.

If you wish, you may sign the episode. Feel free to include your real name, or an alias. This should be used as a method for people to identify other episodes you've created.

The remaining items are advanced features, and can be ignored.

Previewing Your Episode

When you are satisfied with what you have written, select the Preview button near the bottom of the page. This will bring you back to the same page, but this time there will be a new section displaying a preview of your episode almost exactly as it will appear when saved. (Please note that your chosen color scheme will not be part of this preview.)

Take the time to review your episode and verify that it looks as you intended it to look. If you need to make changes, make the appropriate changes and then select the Preview button again to see how your changes look.

At the end of the preview section is the Save button. If any problems were detected with your episode, the Save button will instead be replaced by a list of problems you need to correct in your episode before you can save. Simply correct those problems and select the Preview button again to bring up the save button.

If at any point you decide you no longer want to create the episode you are working on, select the Cancel button at the bottom of the page. This will unlock the episode and permit another player to create it if they so choose.

Final Steps of Creation

When you are completely satisfied with how your episode looks, select the Save button. This will write your episode to the database and allow all of the other players to read it. You will be presented with a page indicating that your episode was successfully saved, and you will be provided a link to enter the newly created episode.

In the unlikely event that you find problems with your episode after you have saved it, you will have the option to edit it (if you have cookies enabled in your browser). To edit an episode you have already created, simple click the Edit link located at the bottom of the episode.